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New! - ePropulsion eLite Electric Outboard Motor - In Stock

Victron Cerbo GX MK2, GX and S GX

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Note: The Cerbo S GX is very similar to the Cerbo GX but eliminates a few features. S GX does not include a BMS CAN port, Resistive tank inputs or the Temperature inputs that the regular GX includes. See attached datasheet for differences.

The New Cerbo GX MK2 is version two of the Cerbo GX and now has 

  • Two fully functional CAN bus ports, called VE.Can 1 and VE.Can 2. Instead of one VE.Can and one BMS-Can port.
  • VE.Can 1 is isolated. On previous models, there was no isolated canbus port.
  • RJ-45 sockets have been rotated 180 degrees, so its easier to take the cables out.
  • All three USB ports are fully functional. Instead of two functional and one for power (to a GX Touch) only.
  • Digital inputs can do pulse counting.

Experience complete control and optimization of your system with the new Victron Cerbo GX communication center. Whether accessing through the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal or utilizing the built-in WiFi Access Point with GX Touch, a MFD or VictronConnect App, you'll have all the tools you need to maximize performance.

Perfect monitoring & control

Effortlessly monitor battery charge, power usage, PV, generator, and mains power harvest, as well as tank levels and temperature. Easily adjust shore power input limits, start/stop generators, and optimize system settings. Stay informed of alerts, perform diagnostics, and resolve issues remotely with the Cerbo GX, making power management a seamless process.

Maximise your system performance

The Cerbo GX optimizes your systems' components in real-time and maintains their optimal functioning. Its Dual Core Processor and additional CAN-bus port enable support for larger systems, while closely monitoring (lithium) batteries and up to 25 connected VE.Can solar chargers. The new NMEA 2000-out support allows for seamless integration into any boat's network. With four tank and temperature ports, as well as three VE.Direct ports, three USB ports, four digital inputs, and two relays, the Cerbo GX offers improved control and maximized performance.

Expand your view

The addition of the GX Touch display streamlines system monitoring and adjustments with its slim, waterproof design, and top-mountable setup. With installation made simple, it provides a flexible and clear dashboard at a glance.

Simple mounting and configuration

The Cerbo GX has been optimized for professional installers, making it easy to mount on a DIN-Rail and connect to a separate touchscreen. Its new Bluetooth feature allows for quick configuration via the VictronConnect app, eliminating the need for multiple wires and perfect cut-outs.

Outsmart any power challenge

The Cerbo GX offers endless possibilities, providing precise management for a wide range of uses. From solutions that incorporate generators, such as Marine or Off-grid & Backup, it can automatically start/stop your generator, delaying ignition until "quiet" periods are over. When it comes to Energy Storage Systems, it maintains backup batteries at maximum capacity, activating during power outages and redirecting surplus (solar) energy for self-consumption, resulting in cost savings. For RV and Emergency vehicles, it ensures that vital systems operate flawlessly. And these are just a few examples of its capabilities...

5 Year Limited Warranty

Victron Energy offers a 5-year limited warranty on power products*. This is upgradable to 10 years by an additional 10% of the initial investment. Contact us at for more information on warranty or for the process to submit a claim to Victron Energy.

* Except on Victron Energy batteries: on lead-acid and AGM batteries there is a 2-year limited warranty and 3-year limited warranty on Lithium batteries.