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Oceanvolt AXC Modular Shaft Drives

The latest iteration of the Oceanvolt AXC series offers enhanced performance, hardness, and comfort compared to past models. These motors are specially engineered for users of large, cumbersome displacement boats such as charter catamarans, motorboats, commercial vessels, and small ferries.

The Oceanvolt AXC series is a modular system with three distinct power configurations - 12kW, 24kW and 36kW*. The 36kW* power output is equal to a maximum of 120hp, and can be installed as a twin system in catamarans and motor boats. Compared to previous AXC (10/20/30/40) models, the same power is attained with less motor modules, resulting in reduced space requirements and weight.

The AXC boasts the same advantages as Oceanvolt's SD sail drive and AX shaft drive systems but with improved cruising range, faster top speed, reduced vibration, and quieter operation due to direct drive. Additionally, the AXC needs considerably less space on board than a typical diesel engine.

The AXC has an integrated motor controller and can be retrofitted on the existing mounting frame of a Yanmar or Volvo shaft drive motor.

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