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New! - ePropulsion eLite Electric Outboard Motor - In Stock
New! - ePropulsion eLite Electric Outboard Motor - In Stock

Benefits of Electric Propulsion

Electric propulsion is an eco-friendly, low maintenance, and cost-effective option for boaters. It produces no emissions, runs quietly, and has fewer moving parts than diesel engines. Although more expensive upfront, it saves money in the long run by not requiring fuel, oil, or extensive maintenance. Electric motors are easy to use and highly efficient, making them a great option for novice boaters.


Oceanvolt electric motors can generate electricity while sailing through hydrogeneration, which is activated from the Oceanvolt display. This feature can power most electrical systems on a boat and can also recharge the boat's batteries. Electric motors are more reliable, require less maintenance, and are cost-effective in the long run. They are also easy to use and operate, making them a great replacement for traditional diesel-powered sailboats.

Hybrid Propulsion

Hybrid electric propulsion for boats combines an electric motor and a DC generator, resulting in increased range, lower cost and more power. It's also up to 30% more fuel efficient than a standard diesel engine. Whether to choose pure electric or hybrid electric propulsion depends on individual needs and preferences.

Zero Emission

No loud and smelly engine compartments or exhaust fumes.

48 Volt System

Oceanvolt systems operate at 48 volts for safety and ease of repair.

Instant Power

Zero to full torque in an instant maxes for superior maneuverability.


Range extended through hydro-regeneration while sailing above 6 knots.

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